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Testimonial #1

For a number of years I have had a painful spot in my back along with a bit of a stomach problem. Nothing that I ever tried to ease the pain or heal helped in any way. I started seeing Dr. Shen about two years ago. Her treatments with Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Acupressure have eliminated the discomfort almost entirely. I see Dr. Shen frequently and I am very happy with her Health Care Methods. I strongly suggest that you try alternative medicine. IT REALLY WORKS.
-Ekindig Phone: 408-378-1128

Testimonial #2

I have a reputation of being energetic. Recently I developed sever headache, felt dizzy and had low fever. Even though my fever was only 1 degree above my normal temperature, I felt so terrible - I didn’t have energy, wanted to rest every 3-4 hours; my headache was constantly there; the quality of life was so poor that I felt extremely wasteful and powerless. I went to my primary doctor; the temperature was not high enough to bring any medical attention. I insisted to have physical exam and the result came out so perfect. But I knew something was definitely wrong - I turned to Dr. Shen for help. She put a few needles on my head and feet, some weird areas. Amazingly, I felt a lot better after first session. I continued a few more sessions, I am fully recovered – my energy is back, I feel myself pulling together again. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t experienced it myself. It’s so wonderful!
I want to thank you for being so very special! Your care and love towards me, is one of the best treasures I could ever have. Thanks a million for taking such good care of Ted and me.
- Sherry, San Jose

Testimonial #3

I love Dr. Susanna Shen. I was born and raised using Western and Chinese Medicine. Homeopathy and Chiropractic Care was also a component of our healing and growing healthy belief system. I have had the honor and pleasure of being a patient of Dr. Shen for about a year now; I can honestly say that being under her care, has made me feel healthy, my skin looks vibrant and I feel great! I am an ovarian cancer survivor. Dr. Shen dealt with my illness in a holistic way and I am healthy and strong again.
I am a professional. I have worked as a certified court interpreter for the last 25 years and the best thing I have done for myself is to have become a patient of Dr. Shen. If you would like to talk to me about her care, please do not hesitate to call me at (408) 506 3669. Thank you and God Bless.
- Teresa Soto.

Testimonial #4

Seven years ago, I had my second son. I had always wanted a daughter. I had tried for two years without success; I just gave up trying. Five years later, when I was forty years old, due to irregular menstruation, my co-worker introduced me to Dr. Shen to help regulate my menstruation. Two months later, I was pregnant with a daughter! I was so excited. Because I was pregnant with my daughter at a later age, at five months’ gestation, I started to bleed. I was so scared. My gynecologist recommended that I take bed rest, but still I was at risk for miscarriage. Dr. Shen prescribed me three packages of Chinese herbs. The first package stopped my bleeding. Now my daughter is eight months old and she is a healthy bundle of joy.
- Amy, Cupertino, Phone: 408-252-3317

Testimonial #5

My son Grady had habitual rhinitis and caught colds frequently. After numerous visits to Western medicine doctors there was still no improvement. I turned my hope to Chinese medicine. When I went back to Taiwan to visit my parents I took Grady to see a Chinese medicine doctor, but the results were only temporary. After I returned to the U.S., I refused to give up hope and kept searching for a reputable Chinese medicine doctor. We found Dr. Shen. Christmas of 2002, we flew to San Jose. Grady visited Dr. Shen every day in the week that followed. She prescribed him herbs when we left her clinic. By phone, I reported Grady’s progress regularly and Dr. Shen changed her herb prescriptions accordingly and sent them by mail. In three months, Grady’s rhinitis was gone and he has not caught cold ever since.
- Kuo, Yunchun, Bloomington, Indiana, Phone: 812-325-9086

Testimonial #6

My name is Maureen Moore.I am writing in regards to a wonderful Doctor by the name of Susanna Shen. In 1998, I was so ill that I was completely unable to digest any food whatsoever. My digestion had completely stopped due to severe fibromyalgia, Interstitial Cystitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I had pain so bad it is difficult to describe.
I was introduced to Susanna Shen at Five Branches Institute in early 1999. My intestines were so swollen that my stomach looked 9 months pregnant. My bladder pain and all over myofascial pain (muscle) was excruciating. I had no quality of life whatsoever and was unable to eat, sleep or move at all. The pain was throbbing, piercing and terrible cramping.
Susanna began treating me often. The first visit my depression was so severe I thought I was surely dying. Susanna said "[I can] and [will] change all of this for [you]" and she did. For the first year or so she took me in several times a week, even on emergency basis, last minute, it didn't matter to Susanna, she was so committed to saving my life and she did. Now I live a normal life. I am happy and 80% pain free. My digestion is normal and I am able to eat all my favorite foods. I am still on the herbal regimen that Susanna has prescribed for me and I choose my food in a healthy manner. Susanna Shen truly saves.
My life and I am grateful to her forever.
Maureen Moore Nolan
(831) 476-9217
(831) 234-4213

Testimonial #7

My name is Laurie Hartford. I have had migraine headaches for twenty years. My headaches have worsened in intensity and duration over the years. I have been under the care of a neurologist for many years (15 years). My headaches are centered in my eyes. My headaches feel as if someone is tightening a tight band around my head, centered in the area of my eyes. My head throbs with the pain. My headaches were generally lasting for 1-2 weeks. Out of a 30 day month, I would generally have approximately 15 days of headaches.
I first saw Dr. Shen in March of 2007. I started seeing her twice a week and tapered off to once a week after about three weeks. My headaches quickly decreased in frequency and duration. Soon, I was experiencing 4-5 days of headaches per month. I was able to greatly cut back on the amount of medication I was taking (Relpax). In addition, the Relpax that I was taking was working more completely in eliminating my headaches.
Dr. Shen and Larry have greatly improved the quality of my life by decreasing the number of migraines I have and giving me hope that I CAN control my headaches!

Testimonial #8

I began seeing Dr. Shen in January, 2017 for relief from my lower back pain. During our first consultation I also mentioned that I was taking medication for anxiety and depression. Since I began my acupuncture treatments, my back pain has disappeared and to my surprise, I woke up the other morning and noticed that I felt happy! That has not been the case for me in a number of years. I am expecting to leave the drugs behind within the next few months. I appreciate the excellent care I have received at the Los Altos Acupuncture Center. Dr. Shen is an accomplished healer, her staff is friendly and efficient, and the office is clean and relaxing. I frequently fall asleep during my treatments. I would say that is excellent progress for someone who used to take a Xanax before getting a massage!

Peggy from Los Altos